Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water Review




Many of you must have used Mac fix plus by now. With entire beauty world raving about it, I am in desperate need to grab one. Unfortunately, every time I visit Mac store, I end up buying things, but not Mac Fix Plus. While shopping at Nykaa long ago I discovered Vichy Eau Thermale spa water which seemed to be a good alternative for Mac Fix Plus. By no means can I compare both products as I have never tried Fix Plus. However, in turn this gives me leverage to not have high expectation from Vichy.



Product Description:
A miracle of nature, impossible to recreate by science, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is naturally infused with 15 beneficial minerals + antioxidants to help transform every woman’s skin quality.
Source: Vichy official webiste

Price: INR 350 for 50ml

How I use it:

  • Spray it before applying moisturizer. This helps even application with just a small amount of moisturizer.
  • Can be used as after sun product specially after a trip in the scorching heat.
  • Makeup setting spray.

There can be ten other ways in which you might like to use it. However, the mentioned three ways are how I prefer.





My Take on the Product:

The Vichy Thermale water comes in an opaque metal bottle just like a deo can. The size of bottle is small enough making it easy to travel with. And, with so many ways to use thermal spring water you would definitely want to carry it around.

Now that I have already mentioned the ways in which I prefer to use the product, let me tell you how effective it is in all possible way.

  • Spray it before applying moisturizer: Applying thermal spring water before layering on moisturizer helps the moisturizer to glide on the skin smoothly. Also, quantity of moisturizer needed is substantially reduces.
  • After sun product: I hate going out in the sun and specially during summer where the sun can just burn your skin. Thermal spring water is very handy specially at this time. You just need to spray it on once you reach your destination. It instantly relaxes the skin and reduces irritation.
  • Makeup setting spray: Setting spray is not a must. But if you are one of those who always over powder yourself to looking cakey then setting spray will always come in handy. Vichy thermal spray has perfect nozel to give flawless and even application. Not to forget that it needs to be sprayed from a specific distance if you are using it for this purpose. Caution: Do not use the spray to set makeup once you are about to empty the can. It might release bigger droplets of water which will mess up your makeup.


Thermal Spring Water Ingredients: 

  • Iron
  • Fluoride
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Sulfates
  • Calcium and magnesium





  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Calms irritation and redness
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Benefits of spring water
  • Multi-functional
  • Fairly priced.



  • Not a must have product.

Overall rating: 4/5

Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water is a multi-functional product. However,  they do not improve or degrade the quality of your skin. Definitely give it a try if you have never used spring water.

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