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Hi everyone,

Before I start with anything, apologies for going missing for more than a month. I recently shifted to a beautiful home which kept me busy. The second thing was my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was my first trip outside India which was focused on leisure. The mini vacation was 5 days 4 nights long. Duration might be short but I have long stories to share.

Malindo Air:

I could not write about the trip without sharing my experience with the airline “Malindo Air”. Never heard of this airlines before? If not, me neither. The trip was planned in swift with no knowledge of the itinerary. After getting the visa, I got to know about the airline via which we were traveling. It was not shocking though as travel agents use cheap airlines to give the best cost possible.  All I thought at that point was how bad can it get?

Soon my nightmare came true,

  • On visiting Malindo air’s website, it said 2nd anniversary celebration offer. The minute I saw this all I wanted to do was yell, Help!!!!  Who wants to travel in an airline which you have never heard of and is just 2 years into this business?
  • Flight was late by about 2 hours and this was not just while we were traveling from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur.  The return trip was equally delayed.
  • Turbulence was something that terrified me the most.  I was not able to sleep the entire journey. Just wanted to be aware in case of any emergency.

Ok, now that all the drama was over I am back on land at the international airport klia2. It was the second day of operations for the newly opened airport. Knowing this made me wonder if we would get our baggage without any problems. Well the good part was that the journey was filled with drama, lots and lots of it and not bad luck. So baggage with all my makeup in it was safe and sound.

Here are the places I visited and everything about and around it.
Note: I am not trying to be Wikipedia or Trip Adviser here, just sharing my personal experience.

Batu Caves:

Batu caves is one of the most famous tourist locations in Kuala Lumpur. To reach the temple one need to climb 272 steps. Thankfully it was not that difficult.
Caution: Beware of the monkeys around. If you are carrying food on the way top you might be attacked.





National Mosque:

Its mandatory to wear burka before entering the mosque. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the prayer room.
Nothing much to share here….




Independence Square:

We did not have any guide to explain us importance of this place. History is not my cup of tea so did not bother much. All we did here was clicking pictures.





Genting Highland:

A hill resort in Malaysia which is still under construction.  It might take almost 4 years for this theme park to complete. However, till then we can continue to enjoy the indoor rides. Apart from the usual roads, cable cars are used to reach Genting hill, which I think is the best selling point of the park. The view is so spectacular that I strongly recommend one should park the car at the foothill and pay mere 12MYR (Rs. 240) for this heavenly experience. I don’t think the pictures here are doing any justice, still worth sharing. It is much more than I can describe in words. This journey is approximately 15 minutes/3kms long and can vary depending on the climate.





Petronas Twin Tower:

The tallest building in the world until 2004. One place that is man made structure and not that appealing to me. Obviously I did not visit the skybridge as it was costly and completely not worth the bucks. But if you are looking for brands never seen before then you can definitely check this place out. First few floors at Petronas tower is shopping center.


Petronas Twin Tower at night:

Petronas tower

Bukit Bintang:

If your purpose of visit to KL, Malaysia is shopping, then Bukit Bintang is the place to be. Its the famous shopping district. Two malls I would highly recommend is Pavilion (high end brands) and Sungei Wang Plaza. I shopped for snacks, clothes, shoe and makeup 😛
If you want me to do a separate post on where to shop for makeup in Malayasia, leave a comment below.



The picture below is self explanatory. Last day of our trip which was dedicated to shopping at Sungei Wang plaza. This was clicked before we entered the mall, super excited. I want this, I want that, I want everythinggggggg…….


Thean Hou Temple:

This was the most amazing part of our journey, Thean Hou Temple. Not just because the place was peaceful and beautiful but also because it was Wesak day. Wesak  is celebrate in India a day before and is called Buddha Purnima.
Entire temple was decorated in celebration of Buddha’s birthday. It was truly spiritual and the best time we got to spend.

Thean Hau


Thean Hau Temple


Thean Temple

All the devotees of Buddha had put down their wish on the paper and hung it on the tree.






China Town:

China town on Petaling street was the most unpleasant experience. This is one place I would ask all the Indians to avoid. We all love shopping but not at the cost of getting insulted. Bargaining skills might go terribly wrong if you fail to please the shopkeepers. Strictly no touching, no staring policy is followed here. Don’t walk away while you bargain, doing so will again upset the shopkeeper. I found Chinese and Malay here to be very rude. The only place which let me down in the entire trip. I know there are lot of good reviews about this place saying that its shoppers paradise. Unfortunately, it was not the same experience for me.

China Town

Kuala Lumpur Gallery:

Want to know more about KL history then Kuala Lumpur gallery is the place for you. For me this picture with ‘I heart KL’ as a backdrop was the most pleasing part at this gallery. Well this is now my FB profile picture.


Istana Negara:

Istana Negara is a national palace which is the official residence for the king who is elected in the election. Well this place is not that fancy but was included in the itinerary.  Since we could not go inside the palace, all we did here was click click click…



Istanan Nagara

The only place I missed due to time constraints was KL tower which has an open air observation deck with a mind blowing view. Probably would have to go once again to complete my wish.

That is all for this post. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and gist of my experience. If you are wondering what and where I shopped then the next post will speak all about it. 


PS: Few Malay words I found very funny:

Toilet: Tandas
Thank you: Terima Kasih
Milk: Susu

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