Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum Review


I always feel the need to start review by asking question. Don’t now why, but everything in my head starts with a question. Why do I need serum in my skin care routine? Yes!! this is what I thought about.

Basically serum is a light weight, easy absorbing base with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients deep into the skin. It acts just like a primer before you start your makeup. There are so many options when it comes to serum that it is overwhelming. Anti aging, radiance, moisturizing to cell repair there is zillion options to choose from. With winter on my mind my instant pick was Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum.


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Vichy Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam Review


There are times when I love two different foundations, masks, etc. Obviously because these products are good and they do exactly what they claim. But, have you wondered if we could combine those two favorite foundations, face wash or mask into one?

Vichy Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam is one such product. Yes, it reminds me of my two favorite face wash, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel and Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Face Foam. 

La Roche Posay provides squeaky clean feel without drying out the skin, which makes it perfect to use it in the morning. While Ponds provides good lather and removes last bit of greasiness from skin. With both being my favorite face wash, I always wished if I could find something that is in between.


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VICHY – SPF 50 Sunscreen for oily/sensitive skin



Hi everyone,

Talking about sunscreen in winter might sound absurd to some, but trust me its not. Sunscreen is not a luxury but a necessity. Let me explain why.

The sun produces two type of radiations that sneak through the ozone onto us. ‘Ultraviolet A’ rays which causes early aging. Hyper pigmentation, dark spots and wrinkles are a few signs of aging. ‘Ultraviolet B’ rays are one that burn the skin. And its Ultraviolet A and B in combination cause cancer. Now that we know how harmful it is being exposed to sun, what needs to done? The answer is stay indoor, LOL just kidding. (more…)

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