Milani Color Statement Lipstick Review and Swatch

Routine life is so boring. Have you ever tried to find things that can break your monotones life? Well, my suggestion would be to try lipstick. Yes, something so simple as lipstick can make you feel good. Let the lips speak your mood.

Want to feel sexy, try red lipstick. Switch to pink for girly look. Want to look subtle and elegant, but scare to go with vibrant shades? Try nude that suits your complexion. There are so many options here that you would never get bored.

My obsession with lipsticks has got me to a point that I can call myself lipstick hoarder. Milani is one brand that I always wanted to try. The brand is known for good quality products without compromising on packaging. And, which makeup addict will not like any makeup item that is beautifully packaged?


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