RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 Collection



I have decided to talk about all the products that I have been loving for a long time, but have never spoken about it on my blog. Mac Riri collection is one of the those makeup launches that I dreamt about all 2013. It took very long for the collection to hit Mac stores across India. With so many people going crazy all over the world while the collection launched, it made me wonder if I could ever get glimpse of it. But as we all know where there’s a will, there’s a way. I kept calling Mac constantly to keep myself updated about the launch date. Also, asked my friends who had contacts at Mac to find more details.

Finally!! in the end of November 2013 while I was working my friend called to inform me about the launch. I had to leave at that minute to grab all I can from the collection. This is all I could get from the collection because of the availability. (more…)

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