Lookbook: Wedding Anniversary


Before I start with the look I tried for my anniversary, I would like to say SORRY.
Sorry for not being regular with my blog these days. This is mainly because I am working on a big project which requires me to dedicate time, money and energy.
I am so excited about this and want to share each and every bit that I am working on. But right now I would have to keep mum. I will definitely share the details soon along with the pictures. (more…)

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FOTD: Valentine’s Day Edition


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yipee! It’s time to get decked up because love is in the air… Wait a minute, are you expecting lovey dovey talks here? Sorry, but I don’t want to give in to the over hyped Valentine’s day. Love for loved ones should not be restricted to a day. Don’t hesitate to express your love no matter what day of the year it is. For me its just another reason to dress up. (more…)

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