Mini Sephora Haul!



Sephora is now in India, which is some good news, but products are way more expensive than the original should be 🙁
My Sephora haul is from Before you head on to the website, let me tell you that does not ship to India. I had to get the order delivered to my friend’s place and he got it along to India.

I have seen so many bloggers on Youtube having huge Sephora haul and now that I have ordered from the site myself  I wonder how much money one can spend on expensive makeup. Not that I have problems with shopping, but I have used US drugstore makeup and they are so awesome that I don’t feel the need to buy everything from Sephora. (more…)

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My Makeup Wishlist 2014

Hello Beauties,

Before I begin with my wish list from both high end and drugstore, I feel the need to explain the importance of making a wish list. In the world for beauty and makeup there are so many new products launching every now and then and they are marketed so well that I am drawn to them. However, while struggling to control my urge, creating wish list make me focus on what I really want rather than going crazy with my purchase.

Rather than just having one list, I have divided them into two high end and drugstore. So here are the list of things  I would want to have in my makeup collection for the year 2014.


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