Shopping With Makeup Geek: An Indian Experience



YouTube addiction can lead you to this. Yes, if you have read my YouTube addiction post, you will remember me mentioning ‘Makeup Geek’. The channel that got me hooked to makeup. Marline who started this channel as makeup educator now has her own makeup line. And, since all beauty gurus I follow can’t stop raving about how good makeup geek products are, it was difficult for me to control my urge to buy them.


The most famous Makeup Geek (MUG) products are their eye shadow range. I have ordered 9 of them along with a Z Palette.





Eye Shadow Pan: $5.99/1.8g
Z Palette Large: $19.99

My experience with Makeup Geek website:

Makeup geek site is the simplest e-commerce website I have ever come across. All the products are properly categorized along with swatches and description. There is hardly anything left for imagination. You will never find yourself in dilemma while making discussions. The only thing that I was not happy about was when the product is out of stock.

Shipping and Delivery: Makeupgeek ships worldwide with reasonable shipping charges. The charges are based on the weight of the shipment. In my case, I ordered 9 eye shadows with a Z Palette which the shipping charge of $13.97. Having said that I don’t find it reasonable at all mainly because of the custom duty I had to pay.
Custom Duty: INR 857
Now that you are aware of all the charges there is one more thing to bear in mind. Time, yes it takes approximately 30 days for the order to be delivered to you. There is no tracking information provided which makes the wait even more difficult.

Customer Service: The order was placed on 14th Sept and got delivered on 12th Oct. Since I did not have any tracing info on the status of my package, I ended up emailing them twice. They immediately assured me that international shipping usually takes minimum of 30 days. So a big thumbs up to MUG customer service who were so prompt and precise.






All I mentioned untill now was how and what I did to get MUG products shipped to India. The ultimate experience was after using the product (eye shadows). I kid you not when I say they are the best and most affordable eye shadows ever. Unfortunately shipping and custom duty makes it expensive. If you are looking for similar eye shadows which is available in India, I would definitely suggest Inglot. However, by no means they are better than MUG. Given an opportunity I will defiantly want to fill my Z Palette with all MUG eye shadows.


10 thoughts on “Shopping With Makeup Geek: An Indian Experience

  1. I had shopped from MUG site few months back, I ordered 2 brushes.the shipping was 6 dollars and I didn’t have to pay any extra customs charges. Do try their brushes next time. They are amazing

  2. I’m very lucky i came across this site
    hey thripti
    how many days it took to get makeup brushes delivered
    because i placed order on blank canvas cosmetics it been 15 days no update regarding
    so i thought of asking for suggestion
    thank you

    1. Hey Aishwarya,

      Watched all the videos on your channel and loved them all.
      Thanks for introducing me to your channel 🙂

  3. Hi ,
    Did someone from the customs give you a call or you had to pick it up in person after some days? My location is Pune and its been a month since the despatch of my package but I haven’t received any call/mail from India customs

    1. I got it delivered to my address and had to pay the postman upon delivery. I did not receive any call from post office or customs.

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