My Day and Night Skincare Routine


Following skincare routine is key for slowing down aging and maintaining healthy skin. But having said that I also believe that not only using skincare products, but proper diet and regular exercise can play major role. I have followed skincare routine religiously and have seen hardly any results, but in combination with exercise it is just deadly.

Tips for healthy glowing skin:

  • Drink plenty of water early in the morning
  • Avoid oily/junk food
  • Sweet tooth is a big no no. Sugar kills antioxidants in the body and to maintain healthy skin antioxidants are must
  • Exercise at least four days a week
  • Eat fruits and nuts to maintain balanced diet
  • Anything in excess is harmful so always remember that moderation is the key
  • Relax and be stress free.

It is very easy to follow skincare routine, but difficult to maintain healthy lifestyle. We are constantly running to catch up with the pace at which the world moves. In all this fuzz we just forget to stop and breath. Stress contributes a lot to ill health. Relax and be happy. You will notice that not just your skin, but your body, mind and soul are happy.

Starting with the skincare routine I follow:

Day Routine:


Day routine is more difficult to follow mainly because I am always in rush. So most of the time I try to use things that are much faster and convenience to use. I do switch products, but these once are most frequently used.


  • Olay Spa Exfoliating Ribbons Body Wash
  • Soap & Glory Girligo Spray

Olay Spa Exfoliating Ribbons Body Wash: It is one of those products that kept lying in my stash for very long. And, just when it was about to expire I started using it. I really don’t know why I did not use it before? Probably because I never liked body wash. I found soap a better option.

Soap & Glory Girligo Spray has liquid consistency because of which it gets absorbed immediately. Packaging(nozzle spray) also makes it more convenient. It is exactly what one would need in summer.

Face: There are the products I used on my face post shower. I do skip products depending on my need that day. Sunscreen and moisturizer are two things that I strictly follow.




Night Routine: Night routine is something that I enjoy the most. Just before I go to bet, I wash my face and then apply all the layers in the order mentioned.



Click on the link to read complete review of the products mentioned in the list.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Do share your holy grail products in your skincare routine. I would definitely love to try it out.

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