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Hey everyone!

My 2016 resolution was to save for traveling and to be on no buy mode. Two weeks into 2016 and this happens. I should be sad that I could not stick to no buy resolution, but the products are so awesome that I can’t stop raving about them. Here is a quick view of what I got.

All the skincare products are from ebay.com. I could not find single seller who sold all the products I was looking for, so I had to buy it through the following 3 sellers:


AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleaner:


This has been in my wishlist from the time I visited Malaysia in 2014. During my visit I had shopped from Etude House. Cutest makeup store I have ever visited in my life. I had got Acne Foam Cleanser sample along with the purchase. Just within one use, I knew this is the best face wash for oily skin. Keep your eyes peeled for a complete review soon 🙂

Clean It Zero Resveratrol from Banila CO:


Clean It Zero Resveratrol is new to me. While placing my order back in December, I was on hunt for must have Korean skincare products. Most of the website recommended this. Clean It Zero Resveratrol is makeup remover, which is very similar to Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter from The Body Shop. I have not tried it yet to share my opinion.


Black Sugar Mask Wash Off from Skin Food:


Mask + Scrub + Face Wash is how I would like to describe Black Sugar Mask Wash Off.  Again my purchase was based on the search for best Korean skincare. This is how the product looks like.


Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree: 


Last product might now be new to few who have accessibility to Innisfree stores in India. Spoiler alert! This is a ligit pore cleaning mask, which does what it claims. Once again keep your eyes peeled for a complete review about the product on the blog shortly.


Hope you liked Korean skincare haul. Which product do you find promising the most? Do let me know in the comments below.

Life Update:

My sis in law got a pet. Her name is Fluffy 😉


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