Iraya Anti Acne Gel Review

Fighting acne feels like life long struggle now. There is no stop to the number of products I have tried to get rid of acne. From best seller to any recommendations on YouTube or friends, I am willing to try anything.

Recently Debasree mentioned Iraya’s miraculous Anti Acne Gel in her 2016 skin care favorites. I knew I had to try this one asap. Not just because it’s cheap, but she mentioned that it’s really effective for acne. After that video, I was not surprised when the product was sold out everywhere. However, I got it and here is what I think about Iraya’s Anti Acne Gel.


Product Description:

Fight your acne problems with Iraya’s miraculous Anti Acne Gel that is a miraculous formulation enriched with the goodness of Coriander, Lodha and White Mustard and effectively banishes blackheads, pimples, acne, problem skin. It purifies your skin removing excess toxins to effectively heal breakouts and eruptions.

– Coriander treats blemishes and has anti-bacterial properties.
– Lodha acts as a cooling and mild astringent removing all the acne.
– White mustard and cures acne effectively detoxifying your skin well.
– It is ideal for acne prone skin.




My take on the Product:

Iraya Anti Acne Gel comes in a small frosted glass jar with aluminum cap. The packaging is different from any other acne product I have used. I like the packaging, but practically having it in the tub is not hygienic.

Like the name suggests it’s gel based formula, which is smooth, but when you scoop the product for application you will notice that there are multiple clogs. I really don’t know how to explain the texture, but I am sure that image below will explain the same.

 I use the product as spot treatment directly on the acne during the night and rinse it in the morning. Post application it tingles/burns. This sensation varies depending on the size of the pimple. More stubborn your pimple is, more it will burn/tingle. This sensation will not last more than 5 ~ 10 minutes.


Does it work?

Yes, it does work. It stops the pimple from growing bigger and looking grose the next day. Depending on the size and intensity of the pimple it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to heal. Don’t expect overnight magic, it does what it claims, but results will take time.

Two things that I have noticed is that it does not reduce the redness immediate, which I have noticed with other spot treatment. Secondly, I have not seen any change in the time it takes to get rid of acne scars.


How to use product:

After cleansing, apply to problem areas. Leave on for 20 minutes. Wash off. If required leave on the whole night.


Will I repurchase it?

Definitely yes, till the time I don’t find anything that can work better than this.


 Highly Recommended!!!

Iraya acne gel effectively heal breakouts and eruptions. Overall its an awesome product for any skin type facing acne problem.


Overall Rating: 4.3/5

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