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Hi Everyone,

If you read my last post you would know that I recently visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  After I was back everyone kept asking what did I shop?  If you are reading this blog you will know exactly what I shopped for 😉

Etude House is one of the cutest brand in makeup and skin care I have ever come across. I did plenty of research on the brands that I would find in Malaysia and this was one of them.  Products from this brand are available on as well. However, I do not support the idea of buying something that looks cute online without trying testers. Also the ebay sellers sell the product at higher price than what you can find in store. And after visiting the store, I am sure no one would enjoy online shopping.

Here are pictures from the store at Sungei Wang Plaza:


















SweetRecipeCandyStick_Etude House.jpg















Just like the store their website is cute and beautifully designed. You can check everything about the brand (Etude House) here.   Currently they are available in ten countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan.

If you think that shopping here was the best part of my trip to Malaysia then look at this.




Yes, you read it right, Etude House celebrated its 6th anniversary with buy 1 get 1 free promotion. I was not able to control my emotions. Just like a mad kid in the candy store who is overwhelmed with joy, I did not have control on my mind. All I wanted was a big sack in which I could just drop in all the makeup and carry it back home. Meanwhile on the other end I could see Mr J (hubby) waiting outside the store for me to finish shopping. We all know how men feel about pink and everything cute 😉

I was completely indecisive and this is how much time I spent in the store:

  • It took me 20 minutes just to check the products at sight. Then suddenly I started thinking what if I click pictures and share it on my blog? Hmmmm… good plan.
  • Next 15 minutes passed by clicking pictures around. For some reason I felt like Blossom and Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls were the founder of the brand. Etude House in a whole resembles their character, sweet, cute and everything nice.
  • Finally I realized I cannot be here forever. Mr J is waiting for me to finish. So I picked few things that I found will be worth trying within approx 10 ~ 15 minutes.

Even though the products are priced equivalent to any drugstore brand. I was not able to buy much 🙁    C’mon! with a huge wish list and limited budget how can I get what I want? Still I managed to buy one blush, one lip fit stain and three nail paints. It took me good amount of time to decide what I wanted. All thanks to the cute store which made it even more difficult.

I cannot express how happy I was after I shopped here. Probably I enjoyed it more than Sephora. While walking back to the hotel room I just kept looking at my Etude House bag. All this now makes me think why brands pay attention to packaging and overall shopping experience. Before I start boring you with my marketing fundas its time to share pictures of what I shopped.

Sweet Recipe: OR201 Cupcake All Over Color
Color Lips-fit #BE101 Sww-thur Fit Beige (got this for free)

Nail Polish:
Play #116
Play #117
Play #130 (got this for free)

Etude House


EtudeHouse- Play

Nail Polish #130, #117 and #116 (left to right)



EtudeHouse- Color Lips-fit

I am now madly in love with Etude House. I wish they soon launch in India.
What you think? Have you ever tried anything from Etude House?


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