Dior Addict Fluid Stick 975 Minuit: Review and Swatch


Dior launched Addict Fluid Stick which is a spectacular hybrid formula. Frankly, packaging grabbed my attention and not the formula. And with no Dior products in my collection I was super pumped about adding it to my makeup collection.

Product Description: 
Dior Addict Fluid Stick boasts flawless application in a single sweep: the high-impact colour and long wear of a classic lipstick, combined with the shine of a gloss, all in a thin film that delivers sensational comfort. A pure object of desire with a trompe-l’oeil design: a complete illusion until the tube opens to reveal an applicator drenched in glossy colour that glides on with all the ease and precision of a lipstick.
Source: Dior website

Price: $35/0.18oz

Dior_addict_fluid _stick

Packaging is absolutely stunning as it is designed to look like a lipstick, but works like a gloss. The tear-shaped foam applicator is soft and allows for precise application.

The amazing lip hybrid can’t really be classified as a gloss or a lipstick; however it does combine the best parts of these products.  Application is smooth and not sticky, unlike gloss.  It has almost got more of a lipstick feel to it – the formula is thicker, yet it somehow feels lightweight on the lips.  The formula has no trace of wax contributing to the lightweight feel. Pigmentation is like lipstick, while having an amazing amount of shine.  It’s actually formulate with water, so it feels fresh and is incredibly moisturizing.

From packaging to application it’s definitely luxury. After 2 hours of wear the glossiness faids, leaving an evenly stained lips. I can only speak about the shade I have been using. Not sure if the lighter shades would perform the same.




Overall Rating: 4/5

Dior Addict Fluid Stick is one of a kind lip hybrid, which is perfect for those who prefer highly pigmented lips which shines like a gloss. Packaging adds to the charm of the product making it even more unique than anything else. The only sad thing about the product is that it’s not available at Dior counters across India. In fact, most of the new launches by Dior never end up in India 🙁

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