Confessions of a YouTube Addict


Hi!  Chhaya here from and I am addicted to YouTube. I have disrupted my life thanks to my addiction. I eat, drink and stay awake because of YouTube. If you are makeup junkie like me and have never been on YouTube searching for tips, tricks and everything in between then you are under rocks my friend.

There are so many talented beauty vloggers out there on web and by not watching them I don’t want them to stop doing what they are good at, just my excuse 😉  Before I go gaga about how much I love watching these beauty gurus, here is the list. Hope to get hooked too 🙂

Makeup Geek:

It is one of the channels that I subscribed to first when I started watching Youtube. She is so pretty and talented. After making videos for so long, she now has her own makeup line called Makeup Geek Cosmetics.
If I have to describe her, then the only thing that comes to mind is “Drugstore queen”. She reviews product so well and I can’t get enough of it. Few videos that she makes are best products in a particular segment,  try this not that, one brand tutorial, etc. Her concept and approach is different from other youtubers.

Jaclyn Hill:
Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist and has good makeup tutorials to learn from. As she describes about herself, she is full of life and kind of crazy.

Kandee Johnson:
Kandee is a makeup artist featured on Glamor channel with her own series called beauty recovered. She is not just talented, but also positive, happy, unique and humble at heart.

Michelle’s videos are not special, but she is chilled out kind of a person who will vlog whenever she feels like. It comes across like a hobby and not like a job. She will never brag about things she owns and is very down to earth. Love her for her sweetness.

Wow! that’s what I think about here. She is not a makeup artist neither she was into it. But the way she does her makeup is amazing. If you love Kim Kardashian makeup then you have to watch her.

Love the way she does her makeup. Hope she wins NYX face award 2014.

Nicole Guerriero:

Michelle Phan:
True inspiration on Yourtube. She is much more than just a beauty vlogger.

All I can say is “Thanks for getting wonderful Real Techniques brushes in our lives”.

Young, funny and cute little youtuber.


I love her reviews and especially the Madness Monday series. This series is basically about drugstore shopping. She goes to Walgreens, CVS, Dry Aid, etc and updates us with all the discounts and coupon information. The information is particular is not that useful for me as we don’t get all the brands here in India. But it’s just fun to watch how much fun it is to shop for makeup in US. She tempts me to plan my vacation to US.


Bethany Mota:


Hope you enjoyed reading and watching all the Vloggers I love. Do share the ones you love. I don’t mind adding them to my subscriber list.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a YouTube Addict

  1. hi….I m addicted to YouTube. tried making some video too but dont anymore!!! It is so much work! Anyways these re my faves too, yet to check out LoveMelissaMichelle though. Next time checkout Rachel from CheckintheMirror, A Fab Life, hey Claire….I m sure you ll love them 🙂

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