Clean And Dry Intimate Wash Review and Swatch


We all talk about skin care, makeup, fashion yadi yadi yada, but there is hardly anyone talking about intimate part of our body. If you still did not get it, I am talking about VIGINA. Yes, I said it right. How many of us are aware of virginal infections and other reproductive problems that are cause due to unhygienic practice? Do we research or visit any gynaecologist to know more about any day to day problems that we have down under? If you are now curious to know more about it, then keep reading.

Before I start taking about how important is to keep intimate part of our body clean, let me put some light on why I thought of writing about it. The biggest problem any women faced is visiting toilet/ restroom frequently. You cannot control such things and imagine the number of public toilets we have to visit every time the nature calls. My major concern is visiting unhygienic toilets. When I say unhygienic it has nothing to do with how clean it looks. All public toilets are unhygienic. Our intimate part is designed in a way that we can get infection very easily. And, who knows which bacteria is waiting for us on our next visit to  the toilet? Hmmm.. are you panicking? Chill my friends, I am here to rescue.

Normally for a healthy skin we need to maintain pH balance of 5.5. However, healthy pH balance for virgina ranges between  3.8 to 4.5. Virgina has micro organisms/ flora living in balance to maintain healthy environment. Lactobacillus is the main normal vaginal flora which produces lactic acid and keeps the vaginal environment slightly acidic. Since the environment is acidic in nature it helps control bacteria and prevents any kind of infection-causing types of bacteria which prefer a higher pH. This concludes that the virgina can protect itself from any harmful bacteria. But does that mean we are safe? Answers is no.  Many factors such as washing with an alkaline soap, stress, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause and sex can increase the vaginal pH which in turn disrupts the natural balance and the bacteria is now free to attack 🙁

Here are few steps that you should and must follow to avoid kind of infection.

  • Keep your Virginia clean. I know you know that. But do you know that soap and body wash are not meant for intimate cleaning? These products are designed to maintain healthy skin pH balance of 5.5, which is not appropriate for our intimate part.
  • Wash only the exterior part using intimate wash which includes vulva, virginal lips and around clitoris.
  • Use warm water to wash Virginia at least one a day.
  • Keep the intimate part dry.
  • Change pad/tampons every 3 to 4 hours irrespective of the flow. This is time of the month when hygiene counts the most. Constant use of pad/tampons attracts bacteria causing infection. Some bacteria like Staphylococcus can be fatal if not cured immediately.
  • Do not sleep with the tampons on. Use fresh pad before going to bed as they are safer than tampons.
  • Avoid sex during menstrual cycle.

Now that I have armed you with some knowledge of how important this is to all of us, here is a review of my favorite intimate wash of all times.

Clean and Dry Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash:



Product Description:
Clean and Dry Wash is part of a revolutionary range of products for feminine hygiene. It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. The foam wash contains Aloe Vera that nourishes, vita B3 which helps in removing dullness, and T-Tree oil which protects your sensitive skin down there. It makes you feel fresh and special every day.
Source : Cleananddry website

Price: INR 199/85grams




My take on the product: 
As the name suggest the form wash looks like shaving form what you might have seen. It comes in a can, which is appropriate for a forming product. The can is light weight which makes it easy to carry.
This is my first intimate wash in the foam format which I absolutely love. All you need to do is just lightly press the pump to dispense the product. The form can then be directly applied which later I prefer to rinse with warm water. Post wash the skin feels clean without losing any moisture. Looking at the bottle and its weight, I was quite surprised on how long it lasted. The 85 grams of product lasted me about 45 days with the use of one pump a day.
Unfortunately by the time I decided to write review on the product it was empty, so have not included any pictures of the swatch.



Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash:



Product Description:

This first of its kind, FDA approved feminine intimate wash is our newest innovation. Launched in 2012. Clean and Dry Wash is part of a revolutionary range of products for feminine hygiene. Its natural formula has vitamins and aloe vera gel extracts. It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. It restores discoloured skin, giving it a fair, glowing look. The gentle wash keeps away itching, irritation and other infections, giving all day freshness and confidence.
Source: cleananddry website

Price: INR 1oo/100ml




My take on the product:

Unlike the forming intimate wash this one is in gel formula, hence different packaging. I like the white and pink bottle its so appropriate for product, which is specifically designed for female. Moving on with the texture of the formula, the gel formula is thicker in consistency as compared to other intimate wash I have used (Avon and Oriflame). You just need dime size product which forms up very well. This is what I personally prefer in any product, which is supposed to clean. The end result is the same as the forming product. It cleans without drying out the skin.
The product also claims to restores discolored skin, giving it a fair, glowing look which I did not notice post use. The gentle wash keeps away itching, irritation and other infections which it definitely does.





  • Cleans sensitive skin without drying it out
  • Keeps itchiness, irritation and other infections at bay
  • Foams well
  • Simple and pretty packaging
  • Vitamins and aloe vera gel extracts
  • Travel friendly
  • Dermatologically approved


  • Does not restore discolored skin as claimed

Overall rating: 4.9/5

Clean and dry intimate wash (form and gel) are the products that I would not just recommend, but also insist on buying. Out of the three brands I tried, these once are the best. They clean the sensitive part without sucking the moisture and maintains pH balance, which is what I look for. Hope this review not just inspired you to purchase a product, but also enlighten you with information which will come in handy when in need.

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