Bourjois Bronzing Primer Review & Swatch



Face needs dimension and adding various shades deeper and lighter than you’re actual skin tone will add depth to the face. Countering is the way I prefer to add dimension to my face. Having olive skin tone I never felt the need to bronze my skin. Don’t be surprised when I say I don’t use bronzer of any kind.
However, during my last online shopping on Superdrug website I decided to try bronzing primer to get a gist of the bronzing world and what better option do I have then trying Bronzing Primer by Bourjois.


Product Description:

Bronzing Primer smoothes, evens and mattifies the skin. It has an addictive chocolate fragrance and luxurious velvety texture making this a summer must have.
The velvety formula perfectly blends onto the skin for a flawless complexion with no marks. This universal bronzing shade matches all complexions, and with an addictive chocolate scent, how can you resist!?

– The product provides a natural tan: 80% agree
– The product mattifies and evens out skin: 93% agree
– Complexion looks smoother: 80% agree

Source: Bourjois website





My Take on the Product:

Hold on!! Before I jump into my opinion about the product, let me make you smell it. Yes, you read that right. All you need to do is sniff chocolate to experience the Bourjois bronzing primer. This small jar of primer smells like chocolate. At times I just open the tub to sniff it. Hmmm… its simply bliss.

Bourjois bronzing primer is a bronzing product, but with a unique texture and purpose. The way I prefer to use the product is by applying it on the outer part of my face and blend it outward. The bronzing primer blends beautifully giving gradient effect. The primer is available in only one shade, which is best for light to medium skin tone. The shade does not show up on my skin if I get tanned while on vacation which sucks. The product is still useful as it can be used as a base of the bronzing powder. However, I would love to see more shades as I prefer to using minimal products during summer. On using it as a base for contour, I can definitely see a huge change in the way contour powers work over the primer. The primer helps the contour blend and intensify the look. I have also noticed increase in the longevity.





To sum up my opinion, its a good base product which gives even complexion for fair to medium skin tone if used independently. With natural matte finish and smell that makes it difficult to resist, I would highly recommend these. The only downside is the color selection.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5 

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