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Now that we are already in mid of February, its time for January empties. I have been longing to write about these products from the beginning of this month. This is what happens when in time crunch.

It always feels good to finish up the products that you have paid for. This reminds me of¬†Newton’s third law: For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction or should I say – For every month’s empties, there is at least equal amount of shopping to do ūüėČ

Lets move on to the list of January empties:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Facial Wash


It was not long ago when Body Shop launched Tea Tree skin care products. And Tea tree face wash was an obvious choice for me. The face cleaner is gel based with liquid consistency formula which foams. As mentioned on the bottle its suitable for blemished skin, however I have not seen any reduction in the blemishes. After every wash, it feels to leave the pores clean and make the skin feel fresh. Unlike other face wash available for oily skin, it doesn’t suck the moisture out making it feel dry. The biggest downside of the product is its packaging. The bottle is too big to carry around in the bag.

Will I repurchase the product? May be, would like to first try other face wash available in the market.

Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream


BB creams are no longer unknown to us. Ponds clearly marketed this product to be combination of foundation and moisturizer. There are limited options when it comes to the shade. Amongst all, Ponds BB cream is the most economical one. I intentionally used this product during the winter as the amount of moisturizer could be overwhelming for my combinational-oily skin in summer.

Will I repurchase the product?  No, I am currently using Colorbar BB cream, and quite happy with its result.

Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow


Vaseline is the only moisturizer that I can’t get enough of. C’mon, who would not like to smell like coco without looking oily? The formula of the moisturizer is like a runny cream (lotion). Application is very easy because of the texture and the same factor makes it easier to absorb. Even though I have combinational-oily face, rest of my body is normal to dry in nature. I definitely recommend it, especially for the summers.¬†In winter you need extra protection, and Vaseline might not score a goal there.

Will I repurchase the product?  Definitely yes. This was my second bottle.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Forming Cleaner


Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser reminds me of Clean & Clear deep action oil control face wash. The formula is a thick paste which foams to double the quantity of what you dispense from the tube. The squeeze tube make its travel friendly. After using this, you feel your skin is squeaky clean and ready for applying your daily skincare products. Well if you have dry skin, this might not be a good option.

Will I repurchase the product?  Definitely, in fact I am already using the second tube.

Nivea Whitening Deodorant 


Nivea is the first brand to launch¬†whitening deodorant in India. As the name suggests, this deodorant is to reduce the underarms’ darkness which is a very common problem.

The application will leave a white cast on the underarms giving an illusion of fairer one. However this fairness does not last all day long. In fact the white cast deposits in the armpit crease making it look nasty. If you are one of those who buy deodorants but don’t apply them on the underarms and rather use as a perfume, then this is not for you.

Will I repurchase the product?  No, thank you.

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector


Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector was my first product from this brand. The dark spot corrector is a serum which helps reduce the dark spots with regular usage. Freckles and marks which appear post pregnancy are not the problems the product targets at. As prescribed by the dermatologist, it needs to be used twice a day. Take pea size amount of serum on to your palms and gently spread the product on a clean face. The serum gets absorbed within few minutes.

Immediately after applying, the skin feels soft and you see mild reduction in the appearance of blemishes. However I would conclude that the product does not have any long term benefits after using it for approximately 4 months.

Will I repurchase the product?   No, its not value for your money.

Clinique All About Eyes


Clinique All About Eyes is a 5ml sample size pack that I got along with Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. The gel formula is suitable for all skin types. The product claims to reduce the dark circles and puffiness; the qualities that I have been looking for in an eye cream since ages. It does reduce puffiness which is amazing. If you are struggling with fatigue even after a good night sleep, this is the right product. The only thing that the product claims but fails at is to make me look like a panda (thanks to my dark circles).

Will I repurchase the product?  Not sure. All-rounder is what I am aiming at.


Hope you enjoyed the post.

Would love to know about the products you used this month.


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