Arezia Makeup Matte Me Lipstick Review & Swatch



A lot of people have been raving about Matte Me lipsticks from Amazon. When so many of them state it to be similar to Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks, I knew I had to get them. Surprisingly I could not find any information about the brand ‘Arezia’ online. The only thing I found were reviews by bloggers and customers on various websites.




Arezia Makeup Matte Me Lipstick comes in as plastic tube with a long pinched applicator.



The liquid lipstick is creamy which goes on the lips smoothly. One stroke application is enough to get full coverage as the formula is extremely pigmented.  Although I have tried only the nude shades in this range, based on the reviews mentioned on Amazon and YouTube I figured that the performance of all the colors are similar.

The application, pigmentation and finish is exactly what I would expect from any liquid lipstick. However, the real problem is post application. All the 3 shades I used are sticky and not that comfortable once it dries. Unlike other liquid lipsticks these fade patchy and look gross on the lips. Once you apply, you will have to check every time you have a meal or munch something. Do not reapply as the formula does not sit well when layered. Also, taking them off is a huge pain.





Overall Rating: 0/5

DON’T BUY THEM!!! If you think that this is how you can save some money on makeup then you are wrong. I do not recommend Arezia Makeup Matte Me Lipstick. They are affordable, but are nothing worth spending money on. I would describe this product as colored glue. They are the worst liquid lipsticks I have ever used.





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